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Health insurance

While your company is focused on offering great Health Insurance packages to Americans, is anyone focused on offering your company great marketing solutions? Encore Direct Marketing is constantly monitoring the pulse of their clients; ensuring our clients' ROI grows big and strong!

auto warranty & INSURANCE

Whether domestic or import, manual or automatic, a vehicle that doesn't run is of no use! An overwhelming majority of Americans own vehicles; and with ownership comes warranty and insurance to protect that investment. Your business is focused on keeping vehicles running in top shape and our business is keeping your marketing running in top shape!

Debt Settlement

Encore Direct Marketing has extensive knowledge regarding advertising for the Debt Settlement industry. We will coordinate with your company's ability to handle different debt loads so your message reaches specific individuals who can benefit from your assistance.


With government tax breaks and constantly improving technology, more home and business owners are looking towards solar energy to offset their traditional power bill. Located in sunny Southern Orange County, Encore Direct Marketing sees this bright future firsthand and will help your solar business attract customers like moths to a flame!


The "Big, Bad, Tax Man" doesn't scare you - or your business. To the contrary; your business is to help people reach a resolution with taxation authorities. Whether you specialize in Settlement, Negotiation, Preparation, or other services; Encore Direct Marketing will make sure people know you're not afraid of that "Big, Bad, Tax Man!" and are capable of helping individuals overcome Tax challenges.

loan modification

Owning a house is part of the American dream. The reality is home ownership is expensive. Your business is familiar with home loan modification and takes pride in helping Americans secure their dream of home ownership. We want to help you succeed, by ensuring you are reaching homeowners that can qualify for your programs.

personal and business loans

Loans - both Personal and Business - empower Americans with the ability to achieve great accomplishments such as take a vacation of a lifetime to visit family across the globe, or expand a small business. A loan can open the door to many possibilities; your company helps people achieve their goals. We'd like to help you achieve yours.


The topic of Bankruptcy is a delicate one. While the word itself may toll the bells of doom and gloom, you know it's not the end, and your company is compassionate and steadfast in the goal to assist those who are now researching bankruptcy proceedings. We'll help you connect with individuals to help them navigate this maze.

student loan negotiaton

The cost of education has risen over the years, and your company is there to help students and post-graduates navigate the negotiation and repayment system. The problem is that many of them are unfamiliar with what their options are - or that they even have any! We will help your company become a known resource.